IFRA Annual Report 2022

Welcome to IFRA Annual Report 2022, looking back on our Association's activities and achievements over an important year for the organization. Published in 2023, the IFRA Annual Report contains snapshots and highlights on the key topics that IFRA has dealt with.

The Annual Report is the International Fragrance Association’s (IFRA) opportunity to highlight our 2022 achievements and inform you about our direction for the next year. IFRA’s strategy is on track, and the whole team is dedicated to its execution.

2022 was a challenging year for our sector around the world, with regulatory actions underway across the European Union, Asia-Pacific, China, Latin America and North America.

The EU had already put forward its new chemicals strategy for sustainability in 2020, which is showing to have far reaching consequences for the industry, potentially affecting a large part of the perfumer’s palette and thousands of formulations. The changes at EU level are also staring to have a spill-over effect on other world regions, where local regulators have been spurred to update their treatment of fragrances and fragrance ingredients in consumer products.

The Asia Pacific and Latin America regions are seeing considerable activity, with IFRA engaging with authorities to address our key concerns. In both regions, there is increasing regulatory activity, both on chemicals policies and downstream legislations. These will grow in importance in the coming years.

Over the year, we further deepened the cooperation beyond our National Association members, to our customer associations, and with other relevant partners, upstream and downstream in the fragrance value chain, to create new alliances.

2023 is another pivotal year for IFRA as the organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Fragrance is safe and essential – this is the message we as an industry are committed to show through collaboration and transparency.

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