29 August 2018

How do I become a perfumer?

There are few official courses for perfumery in the world and consequently it can be a difficult industry to break into.

29 August 2018

What is the Expert Panel's evaluation process?

The primary goal of a safety evaluation by the Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety is to ensure the safe use of fragrance materials.

11 April 2018

How do I comply with IFRA Standards?

Compliance means following the rules of the IFRA Code of Practice and the IFRA Standards.

24 March 2018

How do I create an IFRA certificate?

An IFRA certificate is a document established by a fragrance compound manufacturer and based on a relationship of trust between the fragrance supplier and its customers.

21 March 2018

What are RIFM's priority research areas?

RIFM works on issues including respiratory science, fragrance allergies, human health methods, environmental methods, group testing and use-level support.