A sense of responsibility, a commitment to sustainability

Working with our colleagues in the flavor industry, IFRA and its members are coming together to launch a new common, voluntary sustainability initiative, providing a collective industry framework to the work already undertaken by companies.

Individual companies in the flavor and fragrance industries have for many years been committed to sustainable development across its many dimensions. It is a core part of their businesses, driving both economic progress and respect for the environment. 

The flavor and fragrance industries have long held a unique position.

Like virtually no other industries, we work with a wide range of raw materials, sourced from natural and synthetic origin and turn them – with the help of cutting-edge science – into valued end-products.

Like no other industries, we use the power of our senses – giving people enjoyment and pleasure in their daily lives through taste and smell.

As business-to-business industries, we have influence throughout the value chain. We cooperate with upstream suppliers, such as farmers, and downstream users, like consumer goods companies.

Our output is low in volume but makes a difference - playing a major role in the success of companies in the food and beverages, perfumery, personal care and household products sectors.


Stay tuned for further details of the initiative - and in the meantime, take a look at some case studies of sustainability projects in the fragrance industry: