23 March 2020 Brussels

The fragrance industry urges governments to recognize essential role of sector in fight against coronavirus

The global fragrance industry is calling on governments to include factories manufacturing fragrance as ‘critical infrastructure’ or ‘essential business’ in combating the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and therefore exempt these facilities from measures that would restrict access to employees and close operations.

The global fragrance industry, represented by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), has issued a statement highlighting the needs being met by the industry during this pandemic, which cannot be done remotely, and which require the day-to-day presence of specialist personnel. 

These include manufacturing hydroalcoholic gels that supply hospitals, pharmacies, care facilities for the elderly and other premises and producing essential components for sanitary, hygiene and disinfecting products, which are recognized as vital products in combating viral pathogens.

IFRA and its members call on governments to ensure that fragrance manufacturing, as part of the chemical industry, is recognised as a key element of the supply chain for essential items. We believe that facilities should be allowed to continue to operate and that, in the event of border closures, essential substances should be able to move across frontiers.

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