Join us on 8-10 November for the 2022 IFRA Global Fragrance Summit

Join us in São Paulo or online for the IFRA Global Fragrance Summit - our annual flagship event dedicated to discussing sustainability, innovation and regulatory trends affecting our industry.

Pre-register now for the 2022 Summit in São Paulo

Pre-register now for the 2022 IFRA Global Fragrance Summit - our annual flagship event hosted in São Paulo, Brazil, and available to attend in-person or online.

This 'hybrid' event will be held on Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 November 2022 at the Renaissance Hotel, Alameda Santos 2233, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo.

You can already pre-register now as an in-person or online participant by clicking the link below and providing your email address. We will then let you know when registration opens.

Stay tuned for more details soon!


About the Global Fragrance Summit

The IFRA Global Fragrance Summit is the premier annual event to learn and discuss the latest trends in public policy, regulation, and sustainability impacting the fragrance value chain. Sustainability has become the number 1 shared goal between governments and business and regulation still sets the boundaries of fragrance creation and innovation.   In 2022, the Summit illuminates the latest developments in biodiversity, sustainability and innovation – and their business and policy relevance.  This year’s theme will be The Scent of Change: Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Innovation.


Who should attend?


Open to all, the IFRA Global Fragrance Summit brings together all actors in the fragrance value chain:   Regular IFRA members in multinational fragrance houses, National Member Associations, SMEs, upstream supplier companies, downstream consumer goods companies, partner associations, governments, media and stakeholders.


What’s on the program?


Under the theme of ‘The Scent of Change: biodiversity, sustainability and innovation’, the 2022 IFRA Global Fragrance Summit features top-level speakers from inside and outside the industry and actors in the fragrance value chain.

On Tuesday, November 8 we focus on how the latest global regulatory trends set the boundaries for fragrance creativity, and how IFRA’s programs and new alliances with customers and their associations advance the safe use of fragrance along the fragrance value chain.

On Wednesday, November 9 we investigate how the three priority themes of Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Innovation drive the scent of change in the world of fragrance.

On Thursday, November 10 we go back to basics in our virtual Masterclass on ‘Back to Fragrance Essentials’.

Additionally, we offer on demand sessions. On Demand sessions are previously recorded sessions due to time differences with other geographies. They can be viewed at the discretion of the participants.


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