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Registration is now open for the IFRA Global Fragrance Summit - a virtual, online event to be held from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 March 2021. To register for free, click the link at the bottom of the page.

Register for the virtual Global Fragrance Summit 2021

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, IFRA has decided to make the Global Fragrance Summit a virtual, online event to be held on 2-4 March 2021.

This year’s virtual Global Fragrance Summit is open and free to all: our online event welcomes members, partners and all those who are interested in the role fragrance plays as a safe and essential part of people’s lives.


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The event takes place thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, and the contributions of our speakers from inside and outside the industry.

We hope that you will find the topics and discussions interesting and useful as we share ideas and move forward, together, into the post-pandemic era.    

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Sharing ideas, moving forward - about the Summit

We are living in turbulent times; an era of unexpected social, economic and political change. The way we live and work has been radically transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting new challenges to us all, while also being an accelerant for innovation and creativity.

The economic landscape is uncertain, with long-established consumer habits shaken up and an increased imperative for companies and associations to be flexible and responsive to changing demands.

And the pandemic has once again shaken the political kaleidoscope, which in turn is impacting regulatory landscapes. Governments are ramping up action on issues such as climate change, with signs of increased international cooperation and multilateralism.

This virtual Global Fragrance Summit examines the state of play for the fragrance industry in these turbulent times, as well as its future direction.


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In our Open Forum session, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on our industry and how it can remain innovative and be a positive force for environmental, social and economic sustainability as we slowly emerge from the pandemic.

We investigate the role artificial intelligence plays in our industry, and how we balance its benefits with the need for human creativity. And we examine changing consumer tastes and consider how to meet individual expectations.

Our Knowledge Exchange sessions dig into the regulatory implications of our turbulent times, focusing on the impact of existing and new regulations around the world and a renewed emphasis on regulatory and voluntary sustainability initiatives by governments and private sector.


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About the Global Fragrance Summit

The Global Fragrance Summit is IFRA's annual meeting dedicated to discussing the political, economic, scientific and regulatory trends affecting our industry.

The 2021 event will be a virtual counterpart to IFRA’s two previous annual meetings in Barcelona and Paris.

The event showcases the value our industry adds throughout the fragrance value chain and the wider economy and society.

At the 2021 Global Fragrance Summit, as at previous events, a public, ‘big-picture’ Open Forum is the centerpiece of the event.

We will also hold webinars and briefings alongside the main event in the style of the regulatory-focused Knowledge Exchange sessions held in Barcelona and Paris.

The Global Fragrance Summit brings together IFRA members and upstream and downstream stakeholders, providing an opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas and network and enjoy the positive emotions we all derive from scent.