About the Green Deal demo fragrance

Discover more about the Green Deal demo fragrance, created in partnership between IFRA and the International Society of Perfumer-Creators.

What is the Green Deal demo fragrance?

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Created in partnership between The International Fragrance Association and the International Society of Perfumer-Creators (ISPC), the Green Deal demo fragrance is a fragrance of Europe, for Europe.

It brings together ingredients from across the continent, highlighting the way that the fragrance industry contributes to Europe's prosperity and sustainability, and the deep cultural roots of fragrance in many European countries.

The fragrance was created by master perfumer Calice Becker, Co-President of the ISPC.

Why did we create this demo fragrance?

This demo fragrance is a symbol of the fragrance industry in Europe and the value it brings to all parts of the continent - whether through sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, blending, production of consumer goods or retail.

It highlights how fragrance is part not just of Europe's culture and heritage, but of its innovative future - providing economic benefits and high-skilled jobs across the continent.

And the Green Deal demo fragrance is an expression of our commitment to providing the safe and sustainable materials of the future - an essential factor for new solutions to support the green and digital transition of our economy and society.

Featured ingredients in the Green Deal demo fragrance

The Green Deal demo fragrance features ingredients derived from raw materials sourced from the twelve EU countries, from Finland in the North to Greece in the South, Bulgaria in the East to Portugal in the West.

The demo fragrance includes both natural raw materials as well as synthetic ingredients, highlighting the need for a complementary approach that reflects sustainability requirements and value for money.

For example, the spearmint used in the demo fragrance is produced synthetically in Germany with support from European funding programs that support technology such as innovative bio-fermentation processes

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