The IFRA Standards – helping you to enjoy fragrance with confidence

Fragrance is a safe and essential part of life. To help you and your family have trust in fragranced products, we have developed the IFRA Standards to manage the safe use of fragrance.

We see fragrance as a safe and essential part of life: it has the power to trigger a range of positive emotions and enhance lives. 

To help you and your family to have trust in fragranced products, and to respect our shared environment, the fragrance industry has developed a system to manage the safe use of fragrance: the IFRA Standards.

A long-standing, science-based approach

For four decades, the IFRA Standards have set the boundaries for fragrance creation – ensuring that people can enjoy the art of perfumery with confidence.

The IFRA Standards ban, limit or set criteria for the use of certain ingredients, based on scientific evidence and consumer insights.


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A comprehensive, global and responsive system

The system is demanding, aiming to offer a great degree of protection to the majority of the population. It is a comprehensive system, looking at various endpoints and different types of consumer exposure; it is responsive – reacting fast to new scientific data; and it is global, ensuring that people worldwide can have the same level of confidence.

We want everyone to continue to use and enjoy fragranced products safely – experiencing the pleasure that comes from a perfumer’s creativity and the confidence that comes from the IFRA Standards.


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Rules developed in partnership

The rules are developed in partnership with members and other stakeholders in a transparent process overseen by independent experts.

Recognized by government authorities and trade bodies around the world, the Standards are compulsory for all IFRA members – who produce around 80 per cent of the global volume of fragrance.


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