Our members

The IFRA network includes Regular Members, National Associations and Supporting Members.


Regular Members

These are multinational fragrance companies who make direct financial contributions to IFRA. Discover the eight companies below and see links to the companies' websites.


National Associations

These organizations represent companies in 23 countries and are grouped in four regions. See below for contact information.


Supporting Members

These are fragrance manufacturers in countries where there is no National Association. They have access to information and services but cannot vote.

Current Supporting Members are:

Chemotrade (2004) A.M. Ltd (Israel)
ETERNIS Fine Chemicals (India)
Oriental Aromatics Ltd (India)
Ultra International Ltd (India)
Privi Organics Ltd (India)
VIORYL S.A. (Greece)
S.H.Kelkar & Co. Pvt. Ltd (India)
Imperial Fragrances & Flavours Pvt Ltd (India)

If there is no national association in your country then you can apply directly to IFRA to become a Supporting Member using the application form (see link, right).


Partner organizations

We also work with partners to advance collective interests and achieve common goals.

Our principal scientific partner is the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM).

In countries where there is emerging legislation but no fragrance or flavor association we will work with associations representing the cosmetics, soaps and detergents, personal care products and chemicals industries to share our views and insights.

Member rights and responsibilities

All IFRA Members have the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. The right to take part in IFRA committees
  2. The right to join IFRA activities and work and debate with peers
  3. The responsibility to abide by the IFRA bylaws
  4. The responsibility to adhere to the IFRA Code of Practice and apply the IFRA Standards
  5. The responsibility to advocate IFRA positions when speaking for IFRA

National Association Members

Discover our National Association Members from around the world


Australia and New Zealand

FFAANZ - Flavour & Fragrance Association of Australia & New Zealand

Email  peterbush@ozemail.com.au



CAFFCI - China Association of Flavor, Fragrance & Cosmetic Industries

Email  caffci@caffci.org
Web  caffci.org



AFFI - Asosiasi Flavor dan Fragran Indonesia

Email  paulus.rusli@sensient-tech.com
Web  affi.or.id



JFFMA - Japan Flavor & Fragrance Materials Association

Email  jffma@nifty.com
Web  jffma-jp.org/english/



KFFA - Korea Flavor & Fragrance Association

Web  kffa-kr.or.kr



FFAS - Flavor & Fragrance Association Singapore

Email  kok.sian.ng@iff.com




Email  info@prodarom.fr
Web  prodarom.fr



DVRH - Deustcher Verband der Riechstoff-Hersteller E.V.

Email  info@dvai-dvrh.eu
Web  riechstoffverband.de



AISPEC - Federchimica Assospecifici

Web  aispec.federchimica.it




Email  heemskerk-nea@vnci.nl
Web  nea-nederland.nl


South Africa

SAAFFI - South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry

Email  info@saaffi.co.za
Web  saaffi.co.za



AEFAA - Asociación Española de Fragancias y Aromas Alimentarios

Email  aefaa@aefaa.com
Web  aefaa.com



SFFIA - Swiss Flavour and Fragrance Industry Association

Email  richard.illi@essencia.ch
Web  sffia.ch




Email  erolm@gulcicek.com
Web  arep.org.tr


United Kingdom


Email  secretariat@ifrauk.org
Web  ifrauk.org

Latin America


CAFEPA - Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Productos Aromaticos

Telephone  +54 11 4331 9866



ABIFRA - Associaçao Brasileira das Industrias de Oleos Essenciais, Fragrancias, Aromas

Email  abifra@abifra.org.br
Web  abifra.org.br



ACHISAF - Asociación Chilena de Sabores y Fragancias Asociación

Email  MULLOA@cramer.cl



CISF - Cámara de la Industria de Sabores y Fragrancias

Email  cboffuzzi@andi.com.co
Web  andi.com.co



ANFPA - Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Productos Aromáticos

Email  anfpa@anfpa.org
Web  anfpa.org

North America

Canada and United States

Fragrance Creators Association

Email  info@fragrancecreators.org
Web  www.fragrancecreators.org