Supporting ingredient transparency

IFRA has taken a series of voluntary steps to enhance transparency about ingredients used in the fragrance industry and provide information to regulators, customers and consumers.

We live in the information age: in 2017 more data was created in one year than in the previous 5,000 years of human existence. People have grown used to information being made available by institutions, companies and individuals.

With that in mind, IFRA has taken a series of voluntary steps to enhance transparency and provide information to our stakeholders, customers and consumers.

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IFRA Transparency List

The IFRA Transparency List sets out the ‘palette’ of ingredients used by IFRA Members - including Regular Members, Supporting Members and members of National Associations - who represent around 80 per cent of the global fragrance industry by production volume.


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Volume of Use survey

The Transparency List is developed on the basis of IFRA's Volume of Use Survey.

This survey is a global, sector-wide data-gathering exercise to develop a picture of all the fragrance ingredients used by IFRA Members around the world - regardless of quantity or location.

Fragrance Ingredient Glossary

The IFRA Fragrance Ingredient Glossary, known as the 'FIG', provides a harmonized list of positive olfactory descriptors of fragrance ingredients.

It uses simple terms and language to describe all materials on the IFRA Transparency List (other than those functional ingredients not used for odor-giving properties).


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IFRA ingredient sourcing map

IFRA has created a map to show the global sourcing countries of a range of natural fragrance raw materials.

You can click the map to explore by country or ingredient, and give your feedback to help improve the map.


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