Our roles and priorities

The International Fragrance Association brings together fragrance creators to fulfil a series of roles:


▪  To set the IFRA Standards for the safe use of fragrance

▪  To establish a wider Code of Practice for the industry

▪  To advocate our industry's interests

▪  To build understanding of fragrance and its benefits


IFRA also has wider initiatives relating to sustainability, ingredients, transparency and dialogue, helping us to serve our members and the wider public.

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IFRA and our members engage in a series of projects relating to sustainability, including our joint Sustainability Charter with the flavor industry.

The IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter is a collective, voluntary and inclusive effort to raise the bar for sustainability in the flavor and fragrance sectors.

The Charter takes a life-cycle approach and gives everyone in our industries the opportunity and tools to contribute to a more sustainable future.


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IFRA has taken a series of voluntary steps to enhance transparency and provide information to our stakeholders, customers and consumers.

As an industry we provide information about the ingredients we use, notably through the IFRA Transparency List.

This List is the basis for the Fragrance Ingredient Glossary, which provides a harmonized list of positive olfactory descriptors of fragrance ingredients.


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Value of Fragrance

We all know how fragrance brings value to our well-being - evoking memories, or providing comfort or cleanliness.

But fragrance also brings significant economic and social value - an estimated €7.2bn globally from fragrance manufacturing and blending, plus 415,000 jobs throughout the value chain.

Our Value of Fragrance report outlines our role as an innovative, sophisticated and global industry.


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Through our projects and events, IFRA engages in dialogue with members, partners, policymakers, academics, scientists and others.

The Global Fragrance Summit is IFRA's annual meeting dedicated to discussing the political, economic, scientific and regulatory trends affecting our industry.

IDEA is a transparent and open project that takes a responsible, long-term, multi-stakeholder and expert-led approach to addressing fragrance allergens and advancing consumer protection.


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