The IFRA Code of Practice - our commitment to safe use

The IFRA Code of Practice - of which the IFRA Standards is a major part - is the global fragrance industry's commitment to promoting the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Code applies to all IFRA members, whether they are Regular Members, Supporting Members or Members of National Associations. This covers around 80 per cent of the global fragrance industry by production volume.

The Code is also shared with regulatory bodies and other stakeholders and recognized in regulations or guidance documents issued by authorities around the world.

The Code covers the manufacture and handling of all fragrance materials, for all types of applications.

The majority of client companies (including producers of fine fragrance, personal care products and household products) expect their fragrances to comply with IFRA Standards, as set out in the Code.

Amendments to the Code and the Standards are based on new scientific developments. These amendments may include new or modified Standards.

Key requirements under the IFRA Code of Practice


Comply with laws

All IFRA members must comply with applicable external regulation - local, national or international

Apply IFRA Standards

All IFRA members commit to apply the IFRA Standards

Follow good practices

All IFRA members commit to follow good operating practices

IFRA Code of Practice