Delivering prosperity: discover the Value of Fragrance

We all know how fragrance brings value to our lives: a perfume that evokes memories; the comfort given by fresh-smelling laundry; the clean feeling provided by a fragranced shower gel.

Fragrance brings joy, relaxation or a sense of escape; it boosts self-esteem; it allows us all to show our individuality and personality. But fragrance also brings economic and social value.

This report, prepared by PwC, studies the contribution of our industry in terms of jobs and value created, highlighted our key role as an innovative, sophisticated and global industry.




Total Value Added generated by the industry, based on operations of the industry and suppliers, and employees spending their wages


Downstream Value Added compared to fragrance industry Value Added

Understanding the socio-economic benefits of fragrance

Fragrance makes the difference: the fragrance industry sits at the heart of a sophisticated and global fragrance value chain, adding significant economic and social value to suppliers, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and people around the world.

This report shows how our high-value industry thrives and has a positive impact on suppliers, product manufacturers, retailers, consumers and neighboring sectors.

This positive impact does not happen by accident. It is the fruit of innovation, creativity and good business stewardship, all underpinned with the right policies and regulation.

Sophisticated and global

Our industry sits at the heart of a complex value chain, generating Value Added, jobs and consumer satisfaction around the world

Adding value

Through manufacturing, blending and R&D, our industry is the central point of innovation, driving product development and growth

Making a difference

Fragrance drives purchases and market differentiation – as well as supporting people and communities through high-skilled employment

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