Fragrance & You: our commitment to transparency

We live in the information age. The amount of data is increasing, and so are expectations of access to information about policies, processes and products.

As the association representing the global fragrance industry, we understand people’s high expectations regarding access to information. Increasing numbers of people want to see what organizations are doing and how they do it. They want open, transparent information about products and services. 

We acknowledge the demand for information about fragrance ingredients and mixtures, their properties and regulation – often driven by what people see in the media, online, on apps and in advertising. 

With our members, we work closely with and provide information to our customers (consumer goods companies) and regulators. But we understand that people also want to hear directly from IFRA about our activities.

Our Commitment to Transparency sets out how we are working to address this demand, and how we will give you science-based and easy-to-understand information about our industry, what it believes, how it works, and what it makes.  

Our Commitment to Transparency

IFRA is committed to providing useful, relevant and timely information about its policies, its activities and its creations.

IFRA remains focused on its mission to promote the safe use of fragrance ingredients and mixtures for everyone’s enjoyment – prioritizing the protection of health, the environment, and creativity.

IFRA will play a positive role in helping people understand what we do and think and how we work, as well as what we make as an industry, expressing ourselves in clear language and based on science.

IFRA will communicate on fragrance ingredients and mixtures in a way that is meaningful to consumers, with a focus on addressing fragrance materials of particular concern, such as allergens, and on protecting innovation and the value of fragrance creations.

What our Commitment means in practice

We recognize that different people have different ideas of ‘transparency’.

Our Commitment to Transparency means:

Being open about what we do and think: publishing our policy positions and providing information about our safe use program, the IFRA Standards, both in easy-to-understand language and in a scientific and technical form.

Disclosing how we work: making transparency in our processes the default, engaging openly with scientists, academics, business, authorities, and other stakeholders.

Providing useful and relevant information about what we make: enhancing consumer understanding of fragrance by providing useful and relevant information about fragrance materials while valuing the creativity and know-how that go into artistic creations.


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