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Discover the leaders of our Association, and the team that serves our Members.

IFRA's ultimate decision-making body is its Board, which brings together a representative of each Regular Member as well as regional representatives of the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America regions.

The Board meets approximately three times each year, led by the IFRA Chairman.

The President is responsible for the management of the Association and leads a team of professionals based in various locations around the world.

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Hans Holger Gliewe

Maurizio Volpi (Givaudan)

Julia Raquet (BASF)

Eder Ramos (Symrise)

Hisaya Fujiwara (Takasago)

Christophe Maubert (Robertet)

Christophe de Villeplée (IFF)

Ilaria Resta (Firmenich)

Takamasa Hirai (T-Hasegawa)

Philippe Massé (Prodarom - IFRA’s French national association)

Miguel Zavala (Bell)
Latin America

Bob Bedoukian (Bedoukian Research)
North America

Bhuvana Nageshwaran (Ultra International)
Observer - India


Hans Holger Gliewe


Hans Holger is the Chairman of the IFRA Board. He took up the role on 1 April 2020.

A German national, Hans Holger Gliewe has worked in the fragrance and flavor industries for forty years. He first joined Haarmann & Reimer GmbH, which later became part of Symrise, in 1980.

After holding several regional and global management positions he was appointed as a member of Symrise’s Global Executive Boards in 2009 as President of the Flavor & Nutrition Division. He later became Chief Sustainability Officer, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Hans Holger was Chairman of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry (IOFI) from 2014 to 2016.


Martina Bianchini


Martina became President of IFRA in June 2016. She has a passion for bringing together science and society, drawing from her multinational and multicultural experiences working across the chemical, agricultural, biotech, food, health and luxury goods sectors in a wide range of functions.

Martina has been educated at Louisiana State University, US; the Universities of Trier, Germany; the University of London, UK as well as the Harvard School of Public Health. She holds an MSc in Environmental Toxicology, a BSc in Earth Sciences and other continued education certificates.

She began her career at Monsanto and worked at Dow as Vice-President for EU Government Affairs & Public Policy and global advocacy lead for chemicals and health.

Until she joined IFRA, she was Vice-Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Environment and Energy Commission and Chair of ICC’s Green Economy Task Force. She also was a business delegate to inter-governmental bodies such as the OECD and served on several boards.


Global team


Matthias Vey
Vice-President, Scientific Affairs

Cristina Arregui
Regulatory Affairs Director

Charles de Lusignan
Global Communications Director

Jennifer Dorts
Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Amaia Irizar
Senior Toxicology Associate

Marta Varela
Events and Communications Manager

Sophie Varlet
Budget and HR Manager

Lei Samekto
Executive Assistant to the President


Regional teams


Asia Pacific region

Rohaya Mamat
Regional Director APAC


Europe region

Aurélie Perrichet
Regional Director Europe

Chaima Elyahmadi
Regional Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager Europe 


Latin America region

Maria Eugênia Saldanha
Regional Director LATAM

Eduardo Valle
Regional Issues Manager LATAM