Supporting our societies: a Sense of Purpose

Fragrance brings intangible value to our lives - and it also contributes to the well-being of our societies and economies.

Fragrance brings intangible value to our lives: a memory-evoking perfume; the comforting feeling from fresh-smelling laundry; the sense of cleanliness offered by a fragranced shower gel.

And fragrance also contributes to our societies and economies by creating jobs, enhancing value and stimulating innovation: it is our 'sense of purpose'.


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Making the difference and enhancing choice

Fragrances are a key differentiator in finished products – often the most noticeable aspect and key purchasing factor in a range of personal care products, household products and – in particular – fine fragrance.

Fragrance helps to enhance consumer choice and support the development of new products, responding to people’s demands.

It plays an important role in the success and competitiveness of companies in perfumery, personal care and household products sectors.

Our creations are used in...

Fine fragrance

Perfumes, skin care, color cosmetics, beauty gift sets...

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Household products

Textile washing, dishwashing, surface cleaners, air fresheners, scented candles, polishes, waxes…


Personal care products, hair care, personal hygiene, soaps, deodorants, baby care…

Investing in innovation, bringing prosperity

We invest heavily in research and development – around eight per cent of the industry’s annual revenue is spent on innovation.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to make continual and significant improvements to molecules, process and delivery systems, enhancing quality, affordability, the protection of biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

And products using our creations also contribute to people’s individual prosperity – promoting the hygiene, well-being and confidence that supports their daily lives.

Delivering jobs, enhancing skills

The fragrance industry supports high-skilled, high-value and R&D-focused jobs in sourcing, R&D, creation, evaluation, sales and manufacturing.

Our diverse and global supply chain also supports employment for farmers, in the chemicals sector, and at consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.

Sustainable sourcing of natural ingredients leads to wider community benefits around the world - including education and the creation of infrastructure

Supporting the 'value chain'

The socio-economic impact of the fragrance industry extends beyond our own industry. Our sense of purpose means we have a positive effect throughout the 'value chain' that extends from suppliers to retailers and consumers.

As the fragrance industry, we provide a key ‘platform technology’ that has an impact well beyond our sector. 

We support ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ employment and growth in sourcing, farming, manufacturing, the creative industries, distribution, market research and retail (including direct selling, grocery stores, supermarkets, para-pharmacies, department stores, beauty specialists and salons).