How we make a difference - in every sense

In 1973 the global fragrance industry came together to form a new international association. Its mission: to represent the collective interests of the industry and promote the safe use and enjoyment of fragrances around the world.

Nearly half a century later, The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) brings together eight multinational companies and 21 national associations in 23 countries across four regions.

Our goal remains to make a difference - in every sense: to create fragrances that bring joy, emotion and color to people's lives; to support prosperity through jobs and scientific advances; and to act responsibility - protecting consumers through our Code of Practice and IFRA Standards, and our respect for our shared environment.

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Our vision

As the global association representing the fragrance industry, IFRA seeks a world that recognizes the socio-economic, environmental and cultural value of fragrances.

Our mission

IFRA's mission is to represent the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide in a way that maximizes societal benefit and respects the environment.

Our values and beliefs

IFRA works according to the values of respect, openness and dedication.

We always respect the views of others and seek to earn the respect of others - acting with honesty and humility.

We are open, seeking to engage in constructive dialogue with stakeholders on the basis of facts and evidence.

We are dedicated to serving our members and working with stakeholders in a professional, effective and efficient way.


IFRA also works according to three core beliefs:

Sound science

Science and technology brings benefits to human development and progress - and scientific evidence and facts must play a fundamental role in guiding regulatory decision-making


Sustainability is a core principle of modern-day business: our long-term prosperity is based on sustainable management of raw materials, the environment and human resources and by developing partnerships with stakeholders

Benefits of fragrance

Fragrance has the power to bring joy to people's lives and make a positive contribution to people’s wellbeing, including by relieving stress, enhancing mood or increasing confidence

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Community activities

IFRA is proud to support Constellations asbl, a Belgian charity that provides facilities for children with learning difficulties in Brussels.