Updating our flagship safe use program

IFRA regularly introduces updates to its product stewardship program, the IFRA Standards, to ensure that consumers can continue to enjoy fragranced consumer products with confidence. All Standards are based on Safety Assessments performed by the Research Institute for Fragrance materials (RIFM) and reviewed by an independent panel of experts. In 2020, with the 49th Amendment, IFRA introduced key improvements for setting Standards, like a revised system to derive maximum acceptable concentrations for materials with skin sensitizing properties, considering consideration of aggregate exposure.  

In June 2021, a further update was made to the Standards, adding a new prohibition Standard on Mintlactone.

This update, the 50th Amendment, is known as an ‘off-cycle’ amendment.  

On June 30, 2023, we have notified the new regular multi-ingredient update to the Standards, which is the 51st Amendment.  

The 51st Amendment introduced 47 new Standards setting restrictions on the use of fragrance ingredients and specification for the use of one ingredient. We further had to prohibit the use of one fragrance ingredient, as safe use levels could not be established. Finally, we revised existing Standards for 11 fragrance ingredients.

With the 51st Amendment, we now have 263 Standards. Along with the 51st Amendment, there has been an important change regarding the implementation timelines for restrictions. After internal discussion and Board approval, the implementation timeline has been shortened for new creations by 4 months to now be 9 months in total and for existing creations it was extended by 3 months to become 28 months. 

For more details see section IFRA Standards documentation (ifrafragrance.org)