What is the role of the independent Expert Panel?

The independent Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety oversees the safety assessment process to ensure that it is scientifically sound.

The Expert Panel is comprised of renowned independent experts from various scientific fields, including dermatology, toxicology, pathology and environmental science.

The Expert Panel evaluates data on a fragrance material and checks whether that data supports current use levels.

Safety is the overriding consideration: the Expert Panel seeks to ensure that fragrance materials submitted for review are subject to appropriate safety assessments.

Fragrance ingredient safety assessments are reports written by RIFM scientists, including chemists and toxicologists. Each fragrance ingredient subject to a safety assessment is evaluated by RIFM scientists and tested for human health and environmental safety.

The safety assessments are published in a peer-reviewed journal and are available for no charge on the Fragrance Material Safety Resource website.

In cases where the safety assessment does not support current use, the Expert Panel will conclude that risk management is necessary, and IFRA issues a Standard based on this risk management conclusion either restricting, banning or setting specifications for a material so that it can be used safely.

Importantly, the final decision on the content of the safety assessment upon which a Standard is based, as well as the determination whether the Standard addresses the risk management set forth in the safety assessment, lie solely in the hands of the Expert Panel, not IFRA or RIFM - adding an additional layer of independence.