IFRA Fragrance Ingredient Glossary: Terms of Use

  1. The IFRA Fragrance Ingredient Glossary (FIG) has been subject to legal review. In compliance with competition law and legal advice, it is an inclusive and collaborative database that is covered by copyright and ‘owned’ by the industry.
  2. All use of the FIG, in whole or in part, must give credit to The International Fragrance Association in this or a similar form: ‘Information derived from the IFRA Fragrance Ingredient Glossary, developed by The International Fragrance Association’.
  3. The use of the FIG is voluntary. Members are encouraged to use the FIG, or to develop any alternative approaches should they wish to do so.
  4. Access to the FIG is subject to agreement with these terms of use and to compliance with other technological conditions that may be laid down.
  5. Any questions about use of the FIG should be sent to the IFRA team.