22 April 2024 Geneva

IFRA releases video Annual Report for the first time

Geneva, 22 April 2024 – The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) today announced the release of its 2023 Annual Report, detailing a year of progress and strategic initiatives across the global fragrance industry. The report – which is available online as a series of videos and as a print version – highlights the success of IFRA’s work, with a strong focus on sustainability, global cooperation, and sector-leading advocacy.

“2023 marked a landmark year for IFRA, celebrating its 50th anniversary”, said Martina Bianchini, President of IFRA. “Significant strides were made in areas such as sustainability, industry self-regulation and fragrance safety. Enhanced engagement in the Asia-Pacific region and ongoing efforts in Europe and Latin America have marked the progress of the fragrance industry in those regions and around the world”.

IFRA Annual Report 2023 is the first time IFRA has issued a video annual report, consisting of a series of topical videos on key IFRA workstreams. A summary print version is also available, through which the videos can be accessed.

“This Annual Report not only reflects on our progress but also sets the direction for our future initiatives”, added Ms Bianchini. “It embodies our commitment to leading the fragrance industry towards a sustainable and innovative future. We are excited to navigate the upcoming challenges and opportunities with a refreshed strategy that encourages the safe and sustainable use of fragrance, the continued recognition of the IFRA Standards and embraces cooperation and collaboration.

IFRA Annual Report 2023 is available to view at www.ifraannualreport.com. IFRA Members, stakeholders and partners are invited to watch the thematic videos to appreciate the full scope of IFRA's impact on the global fragrance industry.




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About the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

The International Fragrance Association, founded in 1973, represents the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide. IFRA comprises seven multinational Regular Members and 23 national associations in four global regions representing hundreds of small and medium-sized fragrance ingredient manufacturers, as well as supporting members. Its mission is to promote the safe and sustainable use of fragrance.

Fragrances are a key platform technology used by consumer goods companies – for fine fragrances, personal care and cosmetics products, household care and more.

IFRA’s flagship safe use program, the IFRA Standards, applies safety management measures based on scientific assessment and the evaluations of an independent Expert Panel. The program is at the heart of the IFRA Code of Practice, which applies to all IFRA members globally, including members of IFRA’s national associations. The Code also requires members to abide by local, national and international regulation, and to apply good manufacturing practices.

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