18 March 2024 Online

Public Q&A on the IFRA Volume of Use survey


Public Q&A on the IFRA Volume of Use survey 2024


IFRA is finalizing preparations for the next Volume of Use (VoU) survey, which is conducted about every four years. The IFRA VoU survey collects volumes of fragrance ingredients used only for the manufacturing of fragrance mixtures. 

To facilitate participation in the survey, IFRA is hosting a second public webinar on 12 April 2024 from 2 – 3 pm CET (Brussels) time for all interested stakeholders. This second webinar will be a Q&A session, following the introductory VoU webinar hosted in January 2024.

This webinar will provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to ask questions about the Volume of Use survey. You are strongly encouraged to submit questions during registration so that we can prepare comprehensive answers for the webinar.

IFRA plans to launch the survey by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Registration and question collection for the webinar is open: https://ifrafragrance.typeform.com/VoU2024.


  • Matthias Vey, Vice-President Scientific Affairs, IFRA
  • Jennifer Dorts, Scientific and Regulatory Affair Manager, IFRA
  • Christen Sachse-Vasquez, Director, Technical Information and Services, RIFM
  • Mary Mircovich, Scientific Literature Manager, RIFM
  • Kimberly Arencibia, Scientific Literature Specialist, RIFM

Please note that the link to access the webinar will be circulated in the 24 hours before the webinar is due to take place.

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