24 July 2023 Geneva

Update to the International Fragrance Association’s ‘Safe use’ program reinforces user confidence

Geneva, 24 July 2023 - IFRA has developed and published the 51st Amendment to the IFRA Standards, updating and reinforcing its safe use program. The IFRA Standards underpin and promote the safe and sustainable use of fragrances in consumer products. They are the product of peer reviewed research and safety analysis, and mandatory for IFRA members.

“IFRA regularly introduces updates to its product stewardship program, the IFRA Standards, to ensure that consumers can continue to enjoy fragranced consumer products with confidence”, said Matthias Vey, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, International Fragrance Association. “All Standards are based on Safety Assessments performed by the Research Institute for Fragrance materials (RIFM) and reviewed by an independent panel of experts”.

The IFRA Standards restrict, prohibit or set specifications for the safe use of fragrance materials. They have a history as old as IFRA, and the edition released now is the 51st in the organization’s 50-year existence.

“Adherence to the IFRA Standards is essential to perfumers’ ongoing ability to create and deliver safe fragrances for consumers. Users must be able to enjoy fragrance products with confidence, and the 51st Amendment is part of the sector’s ongoing efforts to support this mission”, said Calice Becker, Co-President of the International Society of Perfumer-Creators (ISPC).

In 2020, with the 49th Amendment, IFRA introduced key improvements for setting Standards, like a revised system to derive maximum acceptable concentrations for materials with skin sensitizing properties, considering consideration of aggregate exposure. In June 2021, a further update was made to the Standards as an ‘off-cycle’ amendment. On June 30, 2023, IFRA issued notification of the new, regular, multi-ingredient update to the Standards, which is the 51st Amendment.

“The 51stAmendment introduces 47 new Standards setting restrictions on the use of fragrance ingredients and specification for the use of one ingredient”, said Dr Vey. “We further had to prohibit the use of one fragrance ingredient as safe use levels could not be established. Finally, we revised existing Standards for eleven fragrance ingredients. With the 51st Amendment, we now have 263 Standards”.

Along with the 51st Amendment, there has been an important change regarding the implementation timelines for restrictions. The timeline was shortened for new creations to nine months to 30 March 2024, and for existing creations it was extended to twenty-eight months to 30 October 2025.

The notification of the 51stAmendment went out on 30 June 2023. All interested stakeholders are invited to view the update on the IFRA website at the following links: IFRA Standards documentation (ifrafragrance.org) and IFRA Standards Library (ifrafragrance.org)

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