Bringing you creativity and confidence

The IFRA Standards set the boundaries for fragrance creation – ensuring that people can enjoy the art of perfumery with confidence. We use scientific evidence and insights into how people use fragranced products to develop fair rules to enhance your well-being and bring you the latest innovation.

Fragrance is about joy, about pleasure, and about discovery.

Perfumers are creators, mixing art and science to develop new fragrances. Like a composer, perfumers bring together different notes to create ‘music for the nose’.

It is this artistry and creativity that brings new scents and new discoveries to people around the world.

But no art is completely free of boundaries. Just as an artist is confined by a frame, we too must set some limits to the creative process.

Taking the latest scientific evidence to assess the wide range of fragrance ingredients – sometimes called the ‘perfumer’s palette’ – we see the need to set some restrictions.

Some ingredients are considered too harmful to be used safely, so we ban them. For others, we place limits on their use, ensuring that they are only used in quantities that are safe for people. And for another group, we lay down rules that control the purity or origin of the ingredient.

Like any rules, they may not always be popular – but we consider them essential to enhance your confidence in fragrance.

Ultimately, the Standards are about helping you to continue to use and enjoy fragranced products safely – giving you the pleasure that comes from a perfumer’s creativity and the confidence that comes from the IFRA Standards.


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