Your well-being always comes first

We see fragrance as a safe and essential part of life. The IFRA Standards, based on scientific evidence and overseen by independent experts, aim to make this vision a reality – helping you to feel good about fragranced products and enjoy them with confidence.

Well-being is at the heart of what we do.

Fragrance has the power to enhance lives and to trigger a range of positive emotions, bringing enjoyment, relaxation or enhanced self-esteem. Across a wide range of everyday products, fragrance makes the difference.

Fresh-smelling laundry provides comfort; the clean feeling provided by a fragranced shower gel makes sure you start the day right; your perfume helps you feel confident.

The IFRA Standards exist to provide that same confidence when it comes to the safe use of fragrance ingredients.

For more than 40 years, the fragrance industry has carefully examined ingredients used in fine fragrance and in the household and personal care products you and your family enjoy.

We set rules that are recognized by government authorities and trade bodies around the world and which are compulsory for all IFRA members – who produce around 80 per cent of the global volume of fragrance. 

Whether ingredients are natural or synthetic, we monitor, test and assess these ingredients and set rules for them to be used safely – helping you to feel good about fragrance, in every sense.


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