Science, research, teamwork – working together for your well-being

Scientific evidence, consumer insights and partnership are key elements of the IFRA Standards. Specialists assess ingredients objectively in a process overseen by independent experts, to develop a comprehensive, global and responsive system, so that everyone can enjoy fragranced products with confidence.

Science and research are the foundations of the IFRA Standards.

Whether an ingredient comes from nature or is created in a laboratory, it faces the same rigorous testing process, based on scientific evidence and our deep understanding of how people use fragranced products.

Teamwork underpins the development of the IFRA Standards, using a system based on long-term collaboration involving scientists, medical professionals, public authorities and the industry.

For more than half a century, our partners at the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) have pioneered work on analyzing fragrance ingredients.

RIFM uses its deep and specialist expertise to continually review ingredients, based on potential health or environmental effects as well as real-world insights on people’s use of fragranced products.

An independent panel of academic experts - known as the Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety - reviews every RIFM assessment. If the panel thinks that action is needed, IFRA issues a Standard.

The system is demanding, aiming to offer a great degree of protection to the majority of the population. It is a comprehensive system, looking at various endpoints and different types of consumer exposure; it is responsive – reacting fast to new scientific data; and it is global, ensuring that people worldwide can have the same level of confidence. 

IFRA provides training and support to our members, consumer goods companies and others so that they understand and implement the IFRA Standards correctly – helping you have confidence in the fragranced products you use.


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