The fragrance industry and the Green Deal

The fragrance industry, represented by IFRA, backs the vision of the European Union's Green Deal and is committed to helping the EU achieve this long term transition. IFRA has also created a fragrance - Green Deal - to capture the scent of European ingredients from around the continent. Check it out below.

These pages will set out our approach to the Green Deal, highlighting that while we support the EU's ambitions, we must also ensure that the proposed policy measures do not cause unintended consequences which negatively impact the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Europe’s citizens, communities and businesses.

Click the links below to find more information relating to our views on the Green Deal, a study relating to the impact of part of the Green Deal (the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability), and information on our 'Green Deal' fragrance.

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Policy recommendations

IFRA's Policy recommendations on the European Green Deal and Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability set out the role and value of the fragrance industry and our approach to the European Green Deal and CSS.

Click the link below to read our recommendations or to download our recommendations as a single PDF document or as a summary document.


Business analysis of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

A study by independent research consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment assessed the impact of the EU's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability against baseline projections for industry growth.

The study suggests that more than a quarter of the industry’s portfolio in turnover terms would be affected in some way by the proposed changes, with knock-on effects on consumers, with a reduction in choice of products that people consider important to their mental and physical wellbeing.

A separate case study analysis focuses on the introduction of a generic Mixture Assessment Factor (MAF) for the chemical safety assessments (CSA) of substances carried out under REACH registration.


The Green Deal demo fragrance

Created in partnership between The International Fragrance Association and the International Society of Perfumer-Creators (ISPC), the Green Deal demo fragrance is a fragrance of Europe, for Europe.

It brings together ingredients from across the continent, highlighting the way that the fragrance industry contributes to Europe's prosperity and sustainability, and the deep cultural roots of fragrance in many European countries.

The fragrance was created by master perfumer Calice Becker, Co-President of the ISPC.